A present for you

We give you something!

Yes you've read correctly. Where can you get something for free? "That can't be worth much," you're probably thinking. But you are sorely mistaken, it could even save your life when push comes to shove.

What we are giving you is an encryption program with which you can encrypt any type of message, chat message and any type of file, including programs. And nobody, except your communication partner, can see it in the original.

"Why should I encrypt my messages?" you're probably thinking. "But I have nothing to hide!" This may be the case with completely harmless things, but at the latest when it comes to a conversation about politics, then the fun stops.

Every phone call you make, every Facebook, WhatsApp message or email you send is recorded. You become a transparent person. And anything you say or write can be used against you at some point. Be it whether you help your neighbor and get 1,000 euros for it, i.e. work illegally, or as a husband you also have a girlfriend on the side. The snoop state knows everything. Most people are far too reckless in that regard. It doesn't have to be!

Why are we giving away our program for free?

The world is no longer what it used to be. Psychopathic multi-billionaires can't accumulate enough money. Here they literally walk over corpses to increase their wealth. They easily find politicians who are corrupt or open to blackmail to implement their criminal plans, to the detriment of the population living in the respective countries.

But these criminals are terrified of one thing: we are many and they are few. That's why they want to know everything, including private information about individual citizens, so that they can exert pressure on their lackeys.

We are freedom loving people. We reject any kind of slavery. Everyone has to do their part to ensure that this doesn't happen. Our contribution is to offer you this program. The more people use this program, the more difficult it is for organized criminals to control us.

You are welcome to pass a link to this program on to your friends and acquaintances as long as nothing is changed. Have fun with it!
Important: Do not give away your own program version, only the downloaded original file!

Of course you are welcome to thank us for this gift by giving us something as well. Every euro helps to further improve this program and make it easier for you to use.

If you would like to give us something, here is a bank account for you:
IBAN: DE23 3706 9412 5506 1430 14
Bank name: VoBa HS eG
Purpose of use: Schenkung

You can also transfer something to our PayPal account: cmueckter@web.de Please remember to state the word "Schenkung" as the intended purpose.

And for people who want to remain completely anonymous with their donation, there is still the very old method of simply putting something in an envelope and sending it to us:

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Krefelder Str. 16
D-41836 Hückelhoven