Secure communication without risk

You need a communication option that is completely secure? Here she is!
In four years of development, we have created a program that enables you to interact with your communication partners without having to worry about your communication being read in plain language. The only prerequisite: You and your communication partner own the message encryptor.

Are your emails and other communication methods safe?

Many people actually believe that if they send emails or send messages on Facebook or WhatsApp, they could not be read by third parties because the data transfer is encrypted. This may apply to most people, but not to hackers or e.g. Intelligence agencies. You even have to reckon with the fact that they have received the keys for the decoding of messages at home from the respective providers.

For whom is the message encryptor interesting?

The message encryptor is interesting for any person or institution whose communication should remain secret. This can e.g. Companies that want to provide information to their employees working away from home or vice versa. But even politicians and journalists are extremely vulnerable to being “intercepted” and subsequently blackmailed. In the worst case, an “eavesdropped” message may result in such persons being “killed” or “suicide-killed”.

You could list many groups here who would like their communication to be absolutely secure from third-party access. Whether or not you are part of it, only you can decide for yourself.